/Voices for the fUTURE

VOICES FOR THE FUTURE is an immersive art installation by Joseph Michael, produced in collaboration with environmental charity Project Pressure and the Permanent Mission of New Zealand. It features voices and text by six youth advocates in the six official United Nations languages, speaking about the rising consequences of climate change and the need for collective action. The voices and text by the advocates were projected on the UN Complex on September 20th, 2019, ahead of the Climate Action Summit.

Ahmed represented the Arabic language, joining the five other advocates which include Greta Thunberg, Sasha Shugai, El Mehdi Zairi, Karen Miluzca Pérez Panduro, and Jason Guan.

Special thanks to: AUT University, Joyce Fisher Trust, The Oceans Foundation, David Levene Foundation, Perpetual Guardian Trust, Koha Trust, Wallace Trust, Brian Eno

Featured in the Guardian and CNN.

Photos C/O The Guardian